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Statement of Solidarity

We at George Street Playhouse are truly sickened by the violence and racism against black and brown people happening in our country right now.  We are heartbroken and we are outraged.  

We shall not remain silent, and our words will not be without action by our Board and staff.

Theatre at its best encourages empathy.  It fosters understanding and conversation.  We at GSP denounce racism and social injustice of any kind.  We also acknowledge our own imperfections -- while we individually recognize the oppressive culture of systemic racism -- in this moment of National crisis, we recognize that our progress as an organization has been too slow and with too little impact; and to that end, we pledge to strengthen our practice of Diversity, Equity and Inclusiveness in our artistic work, our educational programs, our employment practices and our Board governance.  

We look forward to the day when we can all gather again in service to these imperatives.  

Excerpt from American Son by Christopher Demos Brown (produced at GSP in 2017 and Broadway and Netflix):

“No matter how many privileges he’s got, the world still looks at him like it looks at me …not YOU.  That fact hangs round his neck like a noose you know nothing about.”

-- Kendra, African American woman speaking to her Caucasian husband about their dark-skinned son.