2021 Season Season

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    Bad Dates

    A one-woman rom-com featuring 600 pairs of shoes and a string of unsatisfactory dates, Bad Dates was called "miraculously contrived to turn Ms. Rebeck’s show into a poignant slice of urban life that also happens to be drop-dead funny” by The Wall Street Journal. Learn More

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    Fully Committed

    The New York Times called Fully Committed “immensely entertaining, a richly comic affirmation of everything I've ever heard, or suspected, about the bad behavior that good food can inspire.”  Featuring one actor playing more than 40 characters, Fully Committed takes place in a famed restaurant where patrons will stop at nothing to secure a reservation— including coercion and bribes. Learn More

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    Tiny Beautiful Things

    In this unforgettable play, based on the best-selling book by Cheryl Strayed and adapted for the stage by Oscar-nominated writer Nia Vardalos, wit and hard-won wisdom are dished out in the advice column exchanges between a writer who goes by the name of “Sugar” and her readers. Tiny Beautiful Things is about reaching when you’re stuck, recovering when you’re broken, and finding the courage to ask the questions that are hardest to answer. Learn More

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    It's Only a Play

    The hilarious Broadway comedy about Broadway by famed playwright and Tony Award winner Terrence McNally! It is opening night and the cast of characters is waiting eagerly for what could only be rave reviews. The New York Times said “this show is without a doubt hilariously, side splittingly funny...these are among the funniest lines to roll off a stage in years. It’s Only A Play deserves only a rave.” Learn More