2021-2022 Season

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    A Walk on the Moon

    George Street Playhouse is thrilled to be your first-look destination for the new Broadway-bound musical A Walk on the Moon, based on the award-winning hit film. Welcome to a Jewish bungalow colony in the Catskills during the tie-dyed, moon-landing summer of 1969. Housewife Pearl Kantrowitz is on her usual summer vacation with her family, but poised to take a giant leap of her own. While contending with a rebellious teenage daughter, a know-it-all mother-in-law, and a loving husband content with the status quo, Pearl must choose between staying grounded or launching into the unknown. With pulse-pounding new songs that meld the sounds of the 60s with modern pop and rock sensibilities, you won’t want to miss your chance to visit New Brunswick's state-of-the-art new performing arts center for a blockbuster show you'll have to see to believe. Learn More

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    Lorena and Antonio, two strangers in transit, appear at the same crossroad. Alone together, drawn into each other’s arms by the temptation of the unknown and the allure of a Bolero, the lovers are propelled into a seductive pas de deux in which each has to make a life-or-death decision. Helmed by award-winning director/choreographer Julio Monge (Cultural Consultant, Spielberg’s West Side Story), this captivating premiere by Puerto Rico’s eminent, Academy Award-nominated playwright-filmmaker-poet Jacobo Morales will take you to an otherworldly plane that is both sublimely surreal and devastatingly eternal. Learn More

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    It's Only a Play

    The playwrights, the reviewers, the stars and the hopefuls! A Broadway opening night party in the producer’s stylish home brings together a delicious cacophony of characters, proving the old adage “there’s no people like show people” with an armload of wit, warmth and winter coats! It’s Only A Play is a laugh-out-loud comedy love letter to the resilience of live theatre, and an homage to the people that -- even when things seem impossible -- always believe that the marquee will be lit again, and the show must go on. Learn More


    Ken Ludwig's Dear Jack, Dear Louise

    A long-distance romance blooms between a WWII Army doctor and a Broadway starlet working at the Stage Door Canteen in this nostalgic, yet timeless real-life love story about the playwright’s parents -- two people who are destined to be together, even though they are separated by the circumstances of the world. Learn More