Erika Henningsen is Rearranging the Pieces in JOY at George Street Playhouse

It all started with a mop. A self-wringing mop, a makeshift workstation in a garage, and a desire to make something better than before: that’s the story of Joy Mangano. Here in New Brunswick, New Jersey, the mop is ever present, 32 years after its invention. Learn More

David Saint Headshot, a smiling man with black glasses, a blue striped suit, and a pink pocket square.

George Street Playhouse's 'A Walk on the Moon' Shooting For the Stars

This is one giant leap for George Street Playhouse. “A Walk on the Moon” is shaping up as a moon-shot of a production, considering the size of the cast, the artistry of the lighting and scenery, the newly crafted musical numbers and the stakes it’s playing to. The mission for producers Ruth and Stephen Hendel, Tony-nominated director Sheryl Kaller, and the cast and crew is to take the not-so-small step from the Elizabeth Ross Johnson Theatre stage at the New Brunswick Performing Arts Center to Broadway. Learn More

The cast of IT'S ONLY A PLAY take a selfie with a cellular phone

Co-directors discuss ‘It’s Only a Play,’ Terrence McNally’s ‘love letter to the theater’

“It’s Only a Play,” the Terrence McNally comedy that George Street Playhouse is currently presenting at the New Brunswick Performing Arts Center, has not just one but two directors. Learn More

Doug Harris holds a coat made out of meat in IT'S ONLY A PLAY

Doug Harris Talks About "It's Only A Play" at George Street Playhouse

A critic once complimented Doug Harris, who has a principal role in the new George Street Playhouse production of It’s Only a Play, for his “smooth charm.” Harris figures that critic “must have been allowed to drink inside the theater.” Learn More


Amelia Pedlow Talks About "Dear Jack, Dear Louise" at George Street Playhouse

Amelia Pedlow has looked at life from both sides now, and that includes Ken Ludwig’s play, “Dear Jack, Dear Louise,” in which she is costarring with Bill Army. Learn More

Amelia Pedlow & Bill Army in KEN LUDWIG's DEAR JACK, DEAR LOUISE. Each stands facing opposite directions and speaks on a telephone.

George Street Playhouse returns to live theater with the romantic comedy "Ken Ludwig's Dear Jack, Dear Louise

George Street Playhouse has returned to the stage with a touching romantic comedy Ken Ludwig's Dear Jack, Dear Louise by Ken Ludwig. David Saint, Artistic Director of GSP, will direct the performance that runs through November 21 at the Arthur Laurents Theater at the New Brunswick Performing Arts Center. Learn More

Samanha Flint and the Stage Management Team of IT'S ONLY A PLAY

5 Burning Questions with Stage Manager Samantha Flint

Production Stage Manager Samantha Flint sat down to answer some questions about helping create IT'S ONLY A PLAY! Learn More

Kevin Cahoon Headshot, a man with brown hair and a blue shirt in front of a blue background

Director Kevin Cahoon On "It's Only A Play" at George Street Playhouse

“There’s no people like show people,” according to the Irving Berlin lyric, and that notion is at the heart of the final production in the George Street Playhouse pandemic season—Terrence McNally’s “It’s Only a Play.” Learn More


Ryan George Talks About "Tiny Beautiful Things"

“Having this play in which people have the freedom and courage to come forward with trauma that has been affecting their lives, looking for guidance, is a great way to heal. People in the audience can understand a lot of these stories—not in the same details but in the essence of them.” Learn More


Streaming theater: How Broadway's Andréa Burns tackled a brave new world

After 30 years of performing professionally, Broadway's Andréa Burns admits she can be a little choosy with her projects, aiming to continue stretching her acting muscles. Learn More

Andréa Burns: Broadway, Bad Dates, Legacy, Life Lessons, In The Heights, Lin-Manuel Miranda, On Your Feet!, Gloria Estefan

Broadway's Andréa Burns is Baring It All with Call Me Adam about Bad Dates, In The Heights, On Your Feet!, working with Gloria Estefan, Lin-Manuel Miranda & so much more! Learn More


INTERVIEW: George Street Playhouse streams ‘Bad Dates’ starring Andréa Burns

The George Street Playhouse in New Brunswick, New Jersey, much like other theaters in the United States, has shut its doors to paying customers due to the COVID-19 pandemic, but that hasn’t stopped the creativity. The playhouse has taken their act online for virtual productions, and their latest one is Theresa Rebeck’s Bad Dates starring Andréa Burns. Learn More


‘Midwives,’ a bestseller, receives theatrical adaptation in NJ

In the novel Midwives by Chris Bohjalian, the character of Sibyl faces a devastating incident in the middle of a snowstorm while she’s helping another woman give birth. What was supposed to be a routine at-home pregnancy turns into a high-stakes situation that finds the midwife making a difficult decision to save the baby’s life. Learn More


Cast Members Talk About "Midwives" by Chris Bohjalian

“Midwives” is a story with a sharp knife, lots of blood, a death, and a criminal trial—but no villain. Learn More

People You Should Know . . . Grace Experience

Being an actor has been a dream of mine as long as I can remember. I grew up in an area with a wonderful community theatre that would put on two big musicals a year. Learn More


Chris Bohjalian Talks About "Midwives"

Fewer than one in a hundred babies in the United States is born at home, and such a birth is the basis for “Midwives,” Chris Bohjalian’s play that will have its world premier this month at the George Street Playhouse in New Brunswick. Learn More

Renée Taylor's "MY LIFE ON A DIET" at the George Street Playhouse

Renée Taylor's memoir "MY LIFE ON A DIET" was a hit off-Broadway and now is wowing audiences at GSP CREDIT GEORGE STREET PLAYHOUSE Renée Taylor is an Academy Award nominated and Emmy Award winning writer and actress who also loves jazz. Taylor co-wrote and stars in the autobiographical comedy MY LIFE ON A DIET through December 15 at the George Street Playhouse in New Brunswick, New Jersey. Learn More

BWW Interview: Renée Taylor in MY LIFE ON A DIET at George Street Playhouse

George Street Playhouse continues their 2019/2020 season with My Life on a Diet, a one-woman show co-written Renée Taylor and Joseph Bologna, starring Renée Taylor and directed by Joseph Bologna. Learn More

Renee Taylor Talks About "My Life On A Diet"

According to Taylor, when she and Marilyn Monroe were both studying with Lee Strasberg, the legendary method-acting teacher, about 60 years ago, Monroe spoke of a “frozen grape diet.” Learn More

Joniece Abbott-Pratt Stars in GSP's Civil Rights Drama "Too Heavy for Your Pocket"

Actress Joneice Abbott-Pratt is thoroughly enjoying her role as "Sally-Mae Carter" in Too Heavy for Your Pocket, the latest production at the George Street Playhouse in New Brunswick. Learn More


"Too Heavy For My Pocket" - A play about the civil rights movement at George Street

Historical events always consist of much more than is on the surface. No matter how complex the public image of the event—the civil rights movement of the 1960s, say—the image is incomplete without the stories of countless individuals who contributed to the event and were affected by it. Learn More


BWW Interview: Donnell E. Smith and TOO HEAVY FOR YOUR POCKET

The critically acclaimed drama Too Heavy for Your Pocket, winner of the prestigious 2017 Laurents/Hatcher Foundation Award, will open at George Street Playhouse on April 23 and close the Playhouse's 2018-19 season as it prepares to move to its permanent new home at The New Brunswick Performing Arts Center this fall. Learn More


WBGO: Benjamin Pelteson Is 'The Immigrant' With A Big Heart, The Latest George Street Playhouse Production

A play currently running at the George Street Playhouse in New Brunswick tells the real-life story of a Russian -Jewish man that made his way to the United States in the early 1900’s. The Immigrant, written by Mark Harelik, follows his grandfather Haskell’s pursuit of the American Dream. Learn More


Director Jim Jack Talks About "The Immigrant" On Stage At George Street Playhouse

Mention of the immigration of the early 20th century evokes images of the “wretched refuse” floating into New York Harbor and washing up on Ellis Island. But not all of “your tired, your poor” landed in New York, and we learn about one of the exceptions in Mark Harelik’s play “The Immigrant,” on stage at the George Street Playhouse in New Brunswick from March 12 through April 7. Learn More

BWW Interview: Benjamin Pelteson in THE IMMIGRANT at George Street Playhouse

During the first 1/4 of The Immigrant, Haskell speaks only Yiddish. (I don't speak Yiddish, so I had to learn that phonetically thanks to a terrific coach, Motl Didner.) As Haskell begins to learn English, there's an accent that starts off quite heavy and modulates over time. So that's all technically pretty tricky. Learn More

Laiona Michelle Sparkles as Nina Simone in GSP's "Little Girl Blue"

Nina Simone was a cultural icon who used her creativity to attract a worldwide audience and spread a message of social and personal injustice and racial inequality. Learn More


"Little Girl Blue: The Nina Simone Musical" Premieres at George Street Playhouse

Join Jesse and Dave as they talk with the creators of this new musical, which depicts Simone’s passionate journey from classical piano child prodigy to the High Priestess of Soul. Learn More


BWW Interview: Director/Choreographer Devanand Janki and LITTLE GIRL BLUE-THE NINA SIMONE MUSICAL at George Street Playhouse

This production takes the stage under the vision of Director/Choreographer Devanand Janki, an award winning director and choreographer based in New York City. Learn More


Laiona Michelle Talks About "Little Girl Blue: The Nina Simone Musical"

This might be the right time for Nina Simone—15 years after her death. That’s what Laiona Michelle thinks, and, in a way, Michelle will be testing that idea by bringing the singer-activist to life in a world-premiere musical show at George Street Playhouse. Learn More


Devanand Janki Talks to iCRV Radio

Another production that was workshopped in CT goes to bigger things. Director Devanand Janki talks to iCRV Radio. Learn More


Betsy Aidem Puts a Woman's Touch on George Street Playhouse's "A Doll's House, Part 2

Betsy Aidem is a veteran actress you might have seen on Broadway. Or maybe on an episode of “Law & Order: SVU.” Or maybe on the big screen last year in “The Greatest Showman.” Learn More


Betsy Aidem’s “A Doll’s House”–Ibsen’s Norwegians Would

Me Too, The Women’s Marches, and now the Blue Wave in the House of Representatives all came after Lucas Hnath wrote his darkly comedic take on what would happen if Henrik Ibsen’s Nora, from “A Doll’s House,” came back after one of the most famous exits in theatrical history—or her-story. Learn More


Broadway Actress Turned Director Brings Women’s Perspectives to Tony Award-winning Play at George Street Playhouse

With a distinguished performance career spanning theatre, television, film, and the Broadway Stage, veteran actress Betsy Aidem—already known to local audiences for three critically acclaimed performances at George Street Playhouse—will make her professional directing debut with GSP’s second production of the season. Learn More

A Look At Betsy Aidem, Director of "A Doll's House, Part 2" at George Street Playhouse

Betsy Aidem has seen the stage from both sides now. An award-winning actress, Aidem is taking her first professional turn as a director, guiding the George Street Playhouse production of Lucas Hnath’s comedy A Doll’s House, Part 2. Learn More


Flor De Liz Perez in GSP Production "The Trial of Donna Caine"

Flor De Liz Perez makes her George Street Playhouse debut in the world premiere of The Trial of Donna Caine. Perez plays the role of Marine Staff Sergeant Donna Caine. Perez came into the WBGO studios to talk to News Director Doug Doyle about the show and her career. Learn More