Theater: ‘The Immigrant’ onstage at the George Street Playhouse


Playwright Mark Harelik titled his play “The Immigrant,” now onstage at George Street Playhouse’s temporary home at 103 College Farm Road in New Brunswick through April 7, in the singular with good reason. Although America has been the new home of millions of immigrants from everywhere in the world, his play is primarily about one, his own grandfather, and that man’s struggles and accomplishments in building a new life as the only Jew is a little Texas town

The play has been around since 1985 and, in 2000, was made into a four-character chamber musical by Steven M. Alper and Sarah Knapp which had a well-received off-Broadway production in 2004 which was recorded by Ghostlight Records. What struck almost every reviewer of both the play and the musical was how much the story of the play’s main character, Haskell Harelik, has been true for so many immigrants, not only in 1909 when the play begins but since then as well.

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