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Q on Stage
May 11, 2018

"Beautifully acted, achingly funny and full of surprises"

REVIEW: "Nerd” is the Word for George Street Playhouse Season Closer

“The Nerd” is the final production at George Street Playhouse’s inaugural season in its temporary space on Cook Campus at Rutgers University. It is a farce, and the perfect gamboling Spring offering. Shake off the Winter blues with Willum Cubbert, architect. Larry Shue’s play, set in the 1970s, is beautifully acted, achingly funny and full of surprises. Arch and full of sight gags and physical comedy, it keeps everyone on their toes!

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The Star-Ledger/
May 9, 2018

"A zany, fun trip"

"Heavy on hijinks"

"An enthusiastic performance"

"If you're jonesing for some Nick at Nite, George Street might have just the thing for you"

'The Nerd' is a zany, fun and ultimately safe trip at George Street Playhouse: review

About once per season, a sitcom shows up at George Street Playhouse. All the familiar tropes are there: outsized characters, rim-shot worthy jokes, fledgling romance, and a happily-ever-after conclusion. The current iteration of the New Brunswick theater's urge for the zany is "The Nerd," a comedy by Larry Shue that ran on Broadway for over a year and more than 450 performances in the late eighties. Heavy on hijinks and thin on plot, the show's success speaks to its primetime-ready mold of whacky jokes and simple characters.

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Out In Jersey
May 8, 2018

"Fast-moving confection"

"A laugh-inducing evening at the theatre"

"I suggest you pay a visit to 'The Nerd'"

REVIEW: “The Nerd” is a weighty farce for a spring evening’s diversion

An all-too-familiar nightmare is the houseguest who just will not leave. The dread of seeing a short visit morphing into an extended stay can torment even the most gentle-hearted soul. The late playwright Larry Shue took this situation and transformed it into a frenetic comedy, The NerdThe George Street Playhouse offers this fast-moving confection as the last show of its first season at their temporary space at Rutgers University.

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Let's Go To The Theater
May 6, 2018

"A very funny show"

"Absolutely hilarious"

REVIEW: ‘The Nerd’ Might Get You to Rethink Your House Guest Invitations

What happens when somebody comes to your home for a visit and won’t leave. Even worse, what happens when that house guest turns out to have such outrageous behavior that he becomes a nightmare that won’t end? This situation is presented in The Nerd, now playing at New Brunswick’s  George Street Playhouse.  The good news is that the house guest’s antics are absolutely hilarious and they give rise to many funny situations. The Nerd is a very funny show to see which also has a surprise ending. This review won’t even hint at that ending except to  say it restores one’s faith in human nature after it gets humorously ripped to shreds!

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The Princeton Packet/TimeOFF
May 2, 2018

"Magic and lunacy"

"A laugh riot"

STAGE REVIEW: Magic and Lunacy in 'The Nerd' at George Street Playhouse

Some shows let your mind go on vacation while your funny bone works overtime. That’s Larry Shue’s fiendishly funny "The Nerd," playing through May 20 at George Street Playhouse in New Brunswick.

In the course of his brief life, Shue wrote several comedies before his death at age 39. Had he lived longer, the canon of American farce would have been greatly enriched. He was a writer in an actor’s body, so his characters were often types he himself yearned to play.

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Home News Tribune/Gannett NJ
April 30, 2018

"Pure fun"

Review: The Nerd at George Street Playhouse

There is a reason why a play stays around for nearly 40 years.

If you were anywhere near the temporary George Street Playhouse in New Brunswick when “The Nerd” opened its four-week run, you could hear the reason — the laughter of an audience out for pure fun.

“The Nerd,” written by the late Larry Shue, who also created the durable comedy “The Foreigner,” was first presented at the Milwaukee Repertory Theater in 1981. It was a hit in London’s West End in 1986 and had 441 performances on Broadway in 1987-88. The two-act farce has been a favorite of community and professional theaters ever since.

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Broadway World
April 29, 2018

"Laugh out loud fun"

"'The Nerd' is the coolest show in town"

"You'll love this cast"

BWW Review: THE NERD at George Street Playhouse is Laugh Out Loud Fun

Everybody needs a good laugh, and that's just what you will get when you attend The Nerd, now being performed at George Street Playhouse (GSP) through May 20. This is the final show of the Playhouse's 2017/2018 season and it's a production that shouldn't be missed. Written by Larry Shue and superbly directed by Kevin Cahoon, the play has an awesome cast that channels Shue's comic genius into 2 hours of sheer fun. The Nerd is actually the coolest show in town!

The play opens with a modest birthday party for architect, Willum Cubbert who is turning 34. The celebration is attended by his love interest, Tansy; his theatre critic friend, Axel; and a business associate, Waldgrave who brings along his wife, Clelia and their energetic son, Thor. But the happenings really start when Rick Steadman, a former soldier who saved Willum's life in Vietnam, suddenly comes to call. Rick turns out to be a total nerd and possesses every annoying personality trait possible. After Rick stays at Willum's for six long and trying days, Tansy, Axel, and Willum devise a quirky plot to get rid of the unwanted guest. Although the characters in the show want Rick Steadman to leave, you won't want The Nerd to end.

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New Jersey Stage
April 29, 2018

"An amazing cast in an extremely funny comedy"

"Hysterical..comic genius"

"George Street could not have come up with a better show to end the season"

REVIEW: The Nerd Is Hilarious!

George Street Playhouse is closing out their season with The Nerd by Larry Shue.  The production, which runs now through May 20th, features an amazing cast in an extremely funny comedy. The first act is simply hysterical.  The second is comic genius.  You seriously can’t help but laugh out loud at this wonderful comedy directed by Kevin Cahoon.

It’s difficult to say too much about the play because it truly is one you need to experience and see the plot twists and turns for yourself, but it’s your classic “house guest who would not leave” story.

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Curtain Up
April 28, 2018

CurtainUp NJ Review: The Nerd

"A cast of expert farceurs"

"'The Nerd' achieves what it sets out to do — making the audience laugh at much of this relentless stream of utter silliness"

Playwright Larry Shue came to prominence with a wacky farce The Foreigner in 1984. It was astonishingly successful considering its mixed critical reception. There was promise for more to come but sadly he was killed in a plane crash the following year. But Shue had a trunk play The Nerd that was posthumously produced in 1987. Like The Foreigner , The Nerd proved there was room for another plot as inane as its predecessor. 

Skillful director Kevin Cahoon and a cast of expert farceurs are having some fun with the idiocy currently taking place on the stage of the George Street Playhouse. You may possibly be inclined to appreciate the play's series of seriously moronic antics that practically defy critical commentary. As an example: There is one almost endless scene in which the characters are coaxed into playing a party game where they must all sit and stare at an apple core as it turns brown. 

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The Star-Ledger/
April 26, 2018

In this fast-moving farce, a little 'nerd' shall lead them

Comedian Jonathan Kite is known for his voice versatility, be it the accent he gave Ukranian cook Oleg on "2 Broke Girls;" the  characters he voices on Adult Swim's animated "Black Dynamite;" or his 100 celebrity impressions including Tom Hanks, Seth Rogen and Nicholas Cage.

So to prepare for his role  in "The Nerd"  -- at George Street Playhouse through May 20 -- Kite looked for clues in playwright Larry Shue's script.

"I try not to do something that isn't there. We know he has an adenoidal stutter, that he's from Wisconsin ... He's from a small town, too, and he sounds like the people he's used to hearing," Kite said in an interview with NJ Advance Media. "There's a rhythm to the way he talks. I always try to honor the material, instead of being, 'Oh, he's German.' Why?"

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Asbury Park Press/Gannett NJ
April 26, 2018

'2 Broke Girls' star right at home in 'The Nerd' in NJ

George Street Playhouse's temporary digs are at the former New Jersey Museum of Agriculture in New Brunswick as the theater awaits its new state-of-the-art locale. 

That's perfectly fine with actor Jonathan Kite. In fact, it feels like home.

While he's best known to most as over-the-top diner cook Oleg from television's "2 Broke Girls," firmly set in a gritty Brooklyn neighborhood, Kite's own surroundings growing up couldn't be more different.

"I went to school at the University of Illinois, which has one of the top agricultural programs in the country. I grew up next to a horse trail right outside Chicago," he said. "Seeing all the cows and horses and stuff (around the theater), nothing seems foreign." 

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New Jersey Stage
April 24, 2018

Colin Hanlon in The Nerd

Apparently, the fountain of youth has been found and is located in New Brunswick, New Jersey.

Fourteen years ago, actor Colin Hanlon first appeared at George Street Playhouse in a wonderful production of tick, tick... BOOM! by Jonathan Larson (creator of Rent).  Hanlon portrayed Larson as the artist on the verge of turning 30.  

Hanlon is now back at George Street in The Nerd, playing Willum - a character celebrating his 34th birthday. In essence, on stage in New Brunswick he’s aged just four years in the past fourteen.

“That’s hilarious,” said Hanlon.  “It’s pretty miraculous.  I’m not aging!”

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The Princeton Packet/TimeOFF
April 16, 2018

TV Vet Becomes a 'Nerd' - Jonathan Kite of '2 Broke Girls' is starring in a laugh-filled farce at George Street Playhouse

For six seasons, comedian Jonathan Kite portrayed the sex-crazed Ukrainian cook Oleg Golishevsky on the CBS hit, “2 Broke Girls,” but to hear the actor talk in his normal voice, you’d never know it was him.

Born and raised outside of Chicago, Kite studied drama at the University of Illinois at Urbana–Champaign and spent a lot of time crafting different voices for roles in theater and on the comedy stage.

“I grew up doing theater and went to summer stock for years,” he says. “It wasn’t until I moved out to Los Angeles that I even did anything in film or television. All the stuff I grew up watching was in theater and that’s what inspired me to get involved in the profession.”

Kite will be soon appearing on stage at George Street Playhouse in New Brunswick, leading the cast in Larry Shue’s “The Nerd,” playing April 24 to May 20. The play, directed by Kevin Cahoon, also features Ann Harada, Colin Hanlon, Kate Reinders, Zach Shaffer and Stephen Wallem.

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Asbury Park Press/Gannett NJ
May 3, 2018

Lights, camera, homework! Marlboro 11-year-old thrives as professional actor

Hayden Bercy has appeared in the Radio City Christmas Spectacular and a national tour with "A Christmas Story." His latest project is closer to home.

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News Transcript
April 17, 2018

Marlboro youngster will appear in ‘The Nerd’ at George Street Playhouse

A fifth grade pupil from Marlboro will appear in an upcoming production of “The Nerd” at the George Street Playhouse, New Brunswick.

Hayden Bercy, 10, who attends the Marlboro Elementary School, will portray 8-year-old Thor Waldgrave in the show from April 24 through May 20. Hayden will turn 11 on the production’s opening night.

“The Nerd” is a two-act comedy written by Larry Shue that takes place in Terre Haute, Ind., in 1979. The primary characters in the play are Willum Cubbert, Tansy McGinnis, Axel Hammond and Rick Steadman.

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WBGO News Journal
May 10, 2018

"The Nerd" Brings Fun and Laughter to the George Street Playhouse

The two-act comedy The Nerd,written by American actor and playwright Larry Shue, runs through May 20th at the George Street Playhouse in New Brunswick.

The Nerd was the top grossing American play in London's West End in 1986.

Two of the stars of the show, Jonathan Kite and Kate Reinders, sat down with WBGO News Director Doug Doyle to talk about hilarious play and their respective careers.

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