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Q on Stage
December 13, 2017

Turner’s “Act” at GSP

I used to think of Kathleen Turner as a force of Nature. Now I know, she’s “An Act of God!” David Javerbaum’s play, at the George Street Playhouse (GSP), in New Brunswick, New Jersey, through December 23, is a tour de thrice–you have Kathleen Turner as God, who decides to come down into her form, as she is also self-referentially legendary and possessed of an offbeat charm, He says, that is the ideal vehicle for us to comprehend His message. Joined by Archangels Gabriel (Jim Walton) and Michael (Stephen DeRosa), we have a very full “Act of God” … this is a double pun, since this is a play that is one-act length. Get it…“An Act of God”? Like “A Fifth of Beethoven”? For both the literati and the glitterati, this is an Event!

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Let's Go To The Theater
December 11, 2017

‘An Act of God’ Brings Kathleen Turner to George Street Playhouse

Now playing at New Brunswick’s George Street Playhouse through Dec. 23, 2017 is An Act of God. This very funny play stars the legendary Kathleen Turner in the lead role as God. George Street’s own David Saint provides direction for a cast which also includes two archangels: Steven DeRosa as Michael and Jim Walton as Gabriel. Written by David Javerbaum, this play was a major hit on Broadway during 2015 with Jim Parsons and 2016 with Sean Hayes. This version marks a departure from males playing the lead role with Ms. Turner playing the lead part

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New Jersey Hills
December 9, 2017

THEATER REVIEW: Kathleen Turner reigns supreme in 'An Act of God'*

With Christmas quickly approaching, we are all naturally excited about the health and strength of the American economy and, of course, deeply moved following the gloriously competitive sales on electronics.

There are, however, rumors that the origins of Christmas may have been tied to a religious event of some significance. For those who have come across these rumors and may have some interest is hearing more about them firsthand, God will be speaking at the George Street Playhouse in New Brunswick over the next few weeks. Cleverly borrowing the corporal trappings of Kathleen Turner, God calls the presentation, well… “An Act of God.”

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The Princeton Packet/TimeOFF
December 8, 2017

STAGE REVIEW: Kathleen Turner makes for a terrific deity in “An Act of God” at George Street Playhouse

David Saint, artistic director at George Street Playhouse, had a flash of inspiration. He told playwright David Javerbaum he wanted to cast a female for the title role in his production of the comedy, “An Act of God.” Not only did Javerbaum agree, but he reworked some of the dialogue to suit the re-conception. The brilliant result is now on stage through Dec. 23 at George Street’s temporary home on the Rutgers College Farm Road campus in New Brunswick.

In the lead is “legendary star of stage and screen Kathleen Turner” (I’m quoting from her monologue). It’s one of the deliciously funny things she can say as God, who has taken on her form in the flesh. “She doesn’t even know she’s here.” God particularly likes her work in John Waters’ film “Serial Mom,” which God recommends to us all.

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Asbury Park Press/Gannett NJ
December 5, 2017

REVIEW: Kathleen Turner plays God at George Street

If Kathleen Turner qualifies as a diva, the role she’s playing right now couldn’t be more appropriate.

“Diva” is derived from a Latin word that denotes the divine, and this stage and screen star is holding forth as the Deity in the George Street Playhouse production of David Javerbaum’s comedy “An Act of God.”

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December 4, 2017

BWW Review: AN ACT OF GOD Starring Kathleen Turner is Fabulous

Kathleen Turner, the legendary star of stage and screen, is thrilling metro area audiences in her role as the Almighty One in An Act of God at George Street Playhouse. Written by David Javerbaum, and expertly directed by the Playhouse's Artistic Director, David Saint, this wildly amusing, yet thought provoking. The show is mesmerizing from the first moment to the last. See it while it is on the GSP stage through December 23rd.

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The Star-Ledger/
December 2, 2017

On N.J. stage, Kathleen Turner is god — literally

The voice of God is deep and smoky, seductive yet soothing, with a huskiness hinting of whiskey. In other words, God sounds like Kathleen Turner.

Turner plays the Supreme Being in "An Act of God," a comedy which began a month-long run Tuesday at George Street Playhouse's temporary home on College Farm Road. It is the first time a woman has tackled the role of the Almighty.  During the show's two limited Broadway runs, Jim Parsons or Sean Hayes played the lead.

"I gotta say I think it's a good idea that God is a woman. I do," Turner said in an interview with NJ Advance Media. "I think that brings more depth and compassion."

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The Princeton Packet/Time OFF
December 1, 2017

An Almighty Role: Kathleen Turner is playing God at George Street Playhouse

There have been myriad descriptions of Kathleen Turner and her stage work over the years — classy, beautiful, powerful, funny — and thanks to George Street Playhouse’s production of “An Act of God,” the phrase “heavenly” now applies in a whole new way.

The legendary actress will be playing God in David Javerbaum’s critically acclaimed play, running at George Street's theater on the Rutgers campus through Dec. 23.

“It’s incredible fun," Turner says. "David’s writing is fast and funny, and at the same time, I like a lot of what he has to say about religion and us. I think audiences are going to walk away with some thinking to do.

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Curtain Up
December 4, 2017

A CurtainUp NJ Review: An Act of God

God gets a little help from playwright David Javerbaum in his comic play An Act of God. But as we are soon to discover, God doesn't really need much outside help offering sage advice from a mere mortal. .

Creationists may now take heart now that God has deemed it important to not only set the official biblical records straight but make certain corrections to scriptural laws that have been misinterpreted since the beginning of recorded time. A personal appearance at the George Street Playhouse is therefore deemed necessary. Well, it's not exactly the Lord himself but rather present in the guise of (to use God's own words) "the legendary star of stage and screen Kathleen Turner."

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Discover Jersey Arts - Culture Vultures
November 28, 2017


Over the next few weeks, Stephen DeRosa and Jim Walton will transform into angels … in a barn-like building in New Brunswick … where they’ll interact with God … in the form of Kathleen Turner.

That’s what ticket holders will behold when they see “An Act Of God,” the latest production at the temporary home of the George Street Playhouse amid the farm fields of Cook Campus at Rutgers University.

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Home News Tribune/ (Gannett NJ)
November 18, 2017

'An Act of God' opens at George Street Playhouse

Of the many adjectives that have been used to describe the actress Kathleen Turner’s voice — throaty, husky, sultry, smoky, seductive — one that has not been used is “God-like.” That situation is about to change.

Turner, who started her stage and screen career 40 years ago, will play the title role in “An Act of God,” a comedy by David Javerbaum that will be staged at the George Street Playhouse

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