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Courtroom drama 'The Trial of Donna Caine' to premiere in New Brunswick

It's premature to consider where the play could go next. For now, Anderson's goal is that "it gives people hope, that we are not destined to always be polarized," he says. "It has happened through our history, and has been far worse. We did have a civil war and polarization. We had Vietnam for 10 years." Learn More


Playwright Walter Anderson Talks About "The Trial Of Donna Caine"

The political climate in the United States—with its right and left, red and blue, conservative and liberal—prompts this question: Is reconciliation possible? Walter Anderson’s play—“The Trial of Donna Caine”—beginning its world premiere on October 16 at the George Street Playhouse, will pose the same question about individual characters: However severe our differences, can we forgive each other and move on together toward some common good? Learn More


George Street Playhouse to Open Season with World Premiere of "The Trial of Donna Caine"

The production will star Margarita Levieva (ABC’s Revenge and HBO’s The Deuce), alongside Flor De Liz Perez (Two River Theater’s Seven Homeless Mammoths Wander New England) making her Playhouse debut in the titular role of Staff Sgt. Donna Caine. Learn More

These NJ arts venues examine provocative topics from superstorms to war

George Street Playhouse kicks off its season with the world premiere of “The Trial of Donna Caine,” a courtroom drama penned by Walter Anderson, former editor and CEO of Parade magazine. The show is helmed by the New Brunswick theater’s artistic director, David Saint, and is based on the real-life events surrounding a training accident that killed Marine recruits and put a spotlight on the recent move to open military combat positions to women. Learn More