Seating Maps

Below are the seat maps for our new home at the New Brunswick Performing Arts Center. Ticket prices vary by date and performance.

The Arthur Laurents Theater


Arthur Laurents Theater Seating Map. Rows A-K Orchestra. Row AA Balcony.

Pictured: The Arthur Laurents Theater Seating Map. Rows A-E make up a front orchestra, with three sections: a left orchestra, a middle orchestra, and a right orchestra. Row A is closest to the stage, and Row E is farthest. Rows F-K make up a center rear orchestra. Row E is closest to the stage, and Row K is farthest. Row AA is the only row of the Balcony. There is a left balcony, a center balcony, and a right balcony in Row AA, with the side balconies extending along the venue's walls perpendicular with the stage. Wheelchair accesible seating is available in Row K of the orchestra. 


The Elizabeth Ross Johnson Theater


Elizabeth Ross Johnson Theater Map. Rows AA thru CC Front Orchestra. Rows A thru L Orchestra. Rows AA Box Right and Box Left. Rows A thru C Balcony.

Pictured: The Elizabeth Ross Johnson Theater Seating Map. Rows AA-CC make up a front left orchestra, front center orchestra, and front right orchestra. Rows A - G make up a left orchestra, a center orchestra, and a right orchestra. Rows H - L make up a rear center orchestra. Row AA is closest to the stage, and Row L is farthest. There is also a right box, and a left box, featuring two seats each, on each side of the orchestras. The center balcony has three rows: A, B, C, with A being closest to the front and C the farthest. Wheelchair accessible seating is available in rows F in the left and right orechestr and G in the center orchestra.