Staff Directory

ADMINISTRATION: 732-846-2895

David Saint, Artistic Director
Scott Goldman, Producing Associate, ext 110

Kelly Ryman, Managing Director, ext 121
Karen Price, Director of Finance, ext 122
Lynne Holton, Business Assistant, ext 123

Jacqueline Brendel, Director of Development, ext 141
Cassidy Nogueira, Development Associate - Institutional Relations, ext 143
Megan Shook, Development Associate - Donor Relations, ext 144

Jim Jack, Director of Education and Outreach, ext 114
Christa Cillaroto, Assistant Director of Education, ext 115
Diana Gundacker, Manager of Tour & Academy Programs, ext 117
Annie Rutherford Lutz, School-Based Project Coordinator, ext 118
Angela Peletier, Education Administrative Assistant, ext 116

Rick Engler, Director of Marketing & PR, ext 131
Matthew Holowienka, Asst. Director of Marketing & PR ext 133
Mark Kieran, Graphic Design/Marketing Associate, ext 132
Molly Sullivan, Sales and Patron Services Manager  ext 161
Lolly Schenck, House Manager, ext 135

BOX OFFICE - 732-246-7717

Chris Bailey, Production Manager, ext 178
Megan Cherry, Company Manager & Assistant Production Manager, ext 177
Tommy Williamson, Master Electrician
Ted Crimy, Sound Engineer
Andre Penn, Deck Hand

Andrea Ohnesorge, Costume Shop Manager, ext 176
Taylor Pico Wardrobe Supervisor/Assistant to the Costume Shop Manager, ext 176

Helen Tewksbury, Properties Master, ext 175
 Shannon White, Assistant Properties Master, ext 174

SCENE SHOP - 1470 Jersey Ave., North Brunswick, NJ 08902
Phone: 732-846-0715/Fax: 732846-6778

Marc Vogt, Technical Director
Matt Schmutz, Shop Foreman
Frank Giamella, Master Carpenter
Theodore Hoelter, Carpenter
Stone Coggins, Carpenter
Jim Hancocks, Scenic Charge