New Kid

New Kid

by Dennis Foon 

New Kid is the story of an immigrant family from a fictitious place called "Homeland." When the family arrives in America, they discover a new culture and unexpected prejudice against Homelanders. This clever play has the Homelanders speaking English, and the Americans speak a made-up gibberish language, allowing the audience to understand what it is like to be overwhelmed by a new language and new customs. New Kid remains the Touring Theatre's most successful program, addressing racism, prejudice, peer pressure, and conflict resolution. New Kid asks students to explore issues of: moving to a new place, being the outsider, making and keeping friends. New Kid is a excellent presentation for new student orientations, Back to School Nights, multi-cultural celebrations, conflict resolution programs, and school themes such as bullying, respect, and tolerance.

Appropriate for Grades K-6 
Length: 50 minutes with post-play discussion,

"George Street Playhouse does it again! New Kid addresses prejudice and bullying in ways with which students can identify and understand." 
- Teacher, Copper Hill School, Ringoes, NJ

"New Kid was an entertaining and unique vehicle to really give the majority of our students an idea of what non-English speaking students have to deal with." 
- Teacher, Littlebrook School, Princeton, NJ

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