Gabi Goes Green!

Gabi Goes Green!

A new musical exploring how individual choices can have a global impact on climate and the environment

Book and lyrics by Barry Wyner
Music by Daniel Israel
Directed by Jim Jack

Glaciers are melting. Sea levels are rising. Hurricanes, floods, and droughts are sweeping the globe. Captain “Climate Change” Carbon is threatening to destroy the earth. Is there no one who can stop him? Enter 14-year-old Gabi, who, after her family home is destroyed by Hurricane Sandy, transforms into Green Hero. Armed with clean energy and sustainable choices, can Green Hero stop Captain Carbon before it’s too late? Can the actions of one girl in one city really make a difference in the fight against climate change? Created by the writers of Austin the Unstoppable, this fun, upbeat musical comedy investigates the positive choices each of us can make to assure a sustainable future.

The play was commissioned by George Street Playhouse through the Victoria J. Mastrobuono New Work Development Program and a grant from Bloomberg.

Appropriate for Grades 3-8

LENGTH: 70 minutes, (includes a STEM-focused, post-play discussion)

AVAILABLE FOR BOOKING: Now through May 2017

New Jersey State Model Standards & Mandates Addressed: 21st Century Life and Careers; Science; Technology; Visual and Performing Arts 


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