Young Girl Smiling

What If….

(Ages 5-8)
Price: $175  
9 AM - 10 AM, Saturdays

What if on a cold, clear night, a mysterious object streaks across the sky? Street lights flicker, the neighborhood dogs begin to howl, or is it meow?  A letter arrives with a postmark from another country--or is it another world?  Who sent it?  What could it mean?  

Students will leap into imaginative worlds to explore the magic of “What if…” as they learn to write and perform an original play about what is known and unknown in our world. 

  • Explore the wonder of your imagination
  • Learn the three essential tools of an actor: body, voice and imagination
  • Invent  settings, characters, and circumstances
  • Develop storytelling, voice, and movement skills
  • Meet new friends and collaborate together to share ideas
  • Strengthen positive peer relationships and social/emotional skills 

This is a virtual class conducted remotely. 


To register, call: 732-497-8097