The P.E.N. Program

Prolifically Engaged Narrators

The P.E.N. Program: The Education Department of GSP introduces a new vision for students, educators, community and industry

The design and launch of GSP’s proprietary P.E.N. curriculum for in-school artists residencies focus on middle grades and high school age students. This inaugural year will focus specifically on grades 6 through 10 to address learning and enrichment in core subject areas as well as vocabulary and language development, playwriting skills, creative and critical thinking, and the 21st-century skills and habits of mind, such as teamwork, discipline, self-awareness, listening, questioning and perspective taking. This curriculum also includes an intro to technical arts that reinforce state visual arts standards, and an introduction to lesser-known career paths in the arts field/industry.

P.E.N. Residencies are a minimum of 10 sessions per classroom with customization options to suit individual classroom needs.

P.E.N. Climate Change Arts Integrated Curriculum is available in January 2023
Residency Placements are available beginning in January 2023

Please contact the Education Department directly for availability and pricing at or (732) 258-7561.